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Customized Nutrition and a Passion for Quality

We’re aligned with the leading nutritional supplies… Provimi, Ralco, Renaissance, Van Beek, Ceres Solutions, Co-Alliance and more.  Plus, we’re the leading toll mill manufacturer in Michigan… with mills in Hamilton and Holland to serve you.

Whether it’s dairy, beef, poultry or swine, our Endeavor animal nutrition team has the feed solutions for you.  It starts with a full offering of premium quality feeds at a fair and competitive price. Plus, we bring expert nutritional consultation and support you and your employees need to maximize the value of your investment. Our nutritionists and technicians are trained in dairy, beef, swine or poultry solutions—let’s develop a customized feeding program to meet your growth and production goals! 

We're here to meet all your nutrition needs at our Holland Mill (Contact Brian Sisco at 800-442-4137 ext. 5501) and Hamilton Mill (Call Gary Brinks at 269-751-1010). 

HACCP recognizes our commitment to passing rigorous audits… and producing safe and healthy feed every single day.

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