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GAS Check® (Gas Appliance System Check) is an award winning preventative maintenance program designed as an important customer safety tool. The National Propane Gas Association and the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association developed GAS Check as a regular check up for your home propane system and gas appliances.

CHS's certified service technicians receive advanced training at industry sponsored service schools. This standardized training allows our technicians to conduct certified GAS Checks. During a GAS Check, our service technician will inspect your gas system to insure it is operating properly and safely. The results of the comprehensive inspection will verify that your system is free from leaks. If we uncover any problems or have recommendations, we will present them to you.

Before our technicians finish the GAS Check, they will teach you how to operate your gas appliances, to recognize odor of propane and emergency procedures to take in case of a fire or leak. You can relax knowing we are totally committed to your safety and peace of mind.

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