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  1. Do you purchase inputs and supplies as a non-member today? Don’t miss out on advantages you can gain.
  2. One of the hallmarks of a successful co-op is returning patronage after a profitable business year.  Patronage is distributed in proportion to the amount of business a person does with the co-op that year. Refunds come in two forms... cash and equity credits. Only members are eligible to receive them.
  3. Cooperatives exist to serve members.  We will work hard to earn and keep your trust.
  4. The co-op is democratically controlled by farmers and a representative Board. Your membership and vote count! Size and scale gained through strong joint venture partners allows Endeavor to negotiate effectively on your behalf.
  5. Size and scale gained through strong joint venture partners allows Endeavor to negotiate effectively on your behalf.
  6. A strong local co-op is good for the community. We employ local people who live, work and serve here!
  7. By joining, you help strengthen a locally owned and invested input supplier.
  8. The spirit of cooperation between Ceres Solutions and Co-Alliance is rooted in our desire to benefit local farmers.

Here’s How to Join Us

Endeavor Ag & Energy is a joint venture partnership between two regional cooperatives: Ceres Solutions Cooperative and Co-Alliance Cooperative. It is our pleasure to serve you! By becoming a shareholder in each of our two partner co-ops, local farmers gain all the advantages of membership.

Local Farmers Help Make Endeavor Ag & Energy Strong

Complete a single membership application to join both joint venture partner co-ops.  Applications are available at www.endeavorllp.com or by contacting your branch.

  • Make your qualifying $10 stock purchase which represents one $5 share in Ceres Solutions Cooperative and one $5 share in Co-Alliance Cooperative. 
  • Enclose your check payable to Endeavor Ag & Energy with your signed application.
  • Return your Membership application for processing.  All memberships are approved by each Cooperative’s respective Boards of Directors.  You will be contacted upon approval of membership. (Thank you!)
  • As a member, be vocal and active. Give feedback to your local branch team.
  • Purchase products and services. Encourage others to do business with Endeavor.
  • Receive patronage and equity from the joint venture partners in profitable years.
  • Consider serving as a director for a joint venture partner.
  • Watch your community benefit through the presence of a thriving locally owned business.

Membership is often simply a formality that has been overlooked, and it delivers excellent ROI. Join us!


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